About Colette

About Colette

Meet Colette.

Colette is a Spiritual Advisor of Truth & Transformation, Ethereal Alchemist, Intuitive Healer, Lightworker. An Oracle in modern time.

Providing counsel through Claircognizant Readings, her eclectic modalities are focused in transformational therapies, specifically through clairvoyance and Vibrational Alchemy Attunements. Colette’s emphasis is on guidance for one’s life path; thus, illuminating truth in a very sacred way.

She is most passionate in guiding others to liberate from any disharmony, so as to then awaken in their true authentic self and life purpose. She believes in taking risks for living a full life so that we may grow, learn, love, teach ~ to Know Thyself.

“I reflect to them WHO they truly are; I FREE them from who they are not.”

Colette was born to be a facilitator of change, empowerment, and healing.
She was born into a life path to assimilate it within herself first, a ‘well-prepared Initiate’ ~ so as to become an open channel for the responsibility and privilege of being a Guide for others. An advocate to clarify life events and upcoming mysteries.

“I take someone’s storm and give them emotional shelter; to discover their own safe place within. I provide truth in guidance for next steps forward. I take them on an adventure to reconnect to their Higher Self. To illuminate Truth in a very sacred way.”

An Oracle, who sees beyond the veils of the familiar, and is at one with the deep mysteries… ancient mysteries integrated in our modern time.

In providing clarity and a broader vision of our lives, she reminds us of our innate ability of transmutation, transformation, and awakening; thus, path to true wisdom. To transcend ‘what was’ so as to align to ‘what truly IS’; celebrating our journey as an adventure in the destiny of our purpose.

“I help those who forgot, to remember.
I help those who remember, to grow stronger.
I help souls who may be lost in the dark, find the Light.”

“It is my passion to awaken individuals to free themselves, and align to their true authentic self …. to illumine their ‘I AM’ Presence. ~ Victory for the People!”