About Colette

About Colette

Meet Colette

It is my passion and personal mission to awaken individuals to free themselves, and align to their true authentic self… to illuminate the “I AM Presence.” To Know Thyself.

I was born at “one” with nature, sounds, Universal Frequency.

The very heartbeat of Earth’s Rhythm, the “song of the sky,”
an animal’s thoughts, the vibration of “why?”
as a child, the questions… the answers.. a reach much too high,
I was born an Empath… an Essene, learning to fly.

I was born an empath… the beginning to what one day began calling me further into commitment as an Essene (Lightworker).

Upon just four short content years from birth, I was torn from norm and thrust info confinement and confliction of “human family paradigm,” urged to make my way, absent of love, safety, or mature paternal guiding forces.

Who embraced me, in times of cold realization that this would be one lone road alone?

When there is no way out… go deeper within.

As siblings, forbidden to take shelter among each others’ survival forces, I was drawn to take comfort huddling amidst the bushes, birds, and boxes.. for silence, peace, song in answers.

A few years endured, another dimension penetrated my angst and despair. An awakening light appeared above, as if to comfort me for unknown future scenes to come. A ‘choice’ to be made now would ensure foresight … a Way.

I experienced the void. I was never a victim, spectator, nor participant. I lived the subjective, and created the objective Truth.

In my earlier perception, the world was a noisy place, a cacophony of opposites, contradictions.

Then as I strengthened, I unknowingly called into tune my intuitive, empathic senses… and awakened a deeper sound of heartbeats… the hearts of many beings… many Souls. This plane, the cosmic plane, ethereal, and more.

I could ‘hear’, ‘feel’, ‘sense’, ‘know’. ‘Attuned to offer Intercession.

I began to ‘land’ among the People, with desire to heal, heightened by intuitive vision for their direction, when they themselves forgot.

In times of  “seperateness”, I remind them to go withIN, and listen, feel, sense, remember.

To Know Thyself. Invite them to shine their own Light and share their essence in this world.

Eventually, I was blessed along my journey with many trusted Kindred Souls and siblings. I shall forever hold sacred in my heart these Special Ones, as they are reflections that offer me challenge, growth, safe havens, Love.

Through many years of trials, Initiations, death, rebirth, I was led to a multitude of studies in the MetaPhysical Sciences, Usui Reiki, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, EFT, Nutritional Health, Brainspotting, and more.

Credentials include, but not limited to Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy, Boulder Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and David Grand’s Brainspotting practicum.

Over my expansive 22 years as a spiritual Advisor, Claircognizant Reader, and Vibrational Alchemist in Transpersonal Somatic Resonance, I now remit a special “call for commitment” (dedication) … Self-Mastery to Ignite Authentic BEingness, for “The Collective” to emerge.

To Honor the Sacred within us all.