How It Works

How It Works


A client may have a list of topics/concerns which we may directly address; or I may begin with simply one’s intention to allow me to channel any pertinent information regarding their life.

In hearing the client speak aloud their name, I then tap into the higher realm and ‘read’ the information I receive. I then speak aloud the interpretation, impressions and messages vital for them. Typically, more information flows than one originally expects. Some have referred to this sensation as an invigorating mini- journey.

I see the truth.
I hear the truth.
I feel the truth.
I tell the truth to you.
~ I remind you of your Truth.

We manifest our best route by declaring a mission filled with love and passion.

All experiences enhance our journey of Awakening to our grander Truth of expression. We take risks so we may grow, learn, love, teach… we take risks so we can truly live.

We liberate from the root of disharmony and distractions, so as to align in our true soul expression.

Nourish the sacred heart within; to flourish in self-mastery.

“It is a privilege to remind you of your true light.”